Policy Studies is a not-for-profit organization which brings together researchers consultants and academics to tackle some of today’s most challenging problems.

Acting as an independent “think tank”, we use the wide ranging knowledge and experience of our members to apply lateral thinking techniques to the issue and arrive at an innovative solution.

The studies we conduct, both for our clients and independently, begin with research and evaluation of the current situation, before integrating information and ideas from many sources to examine the operations and effects of any proposed policy change.

Our analysis and final reports are published widely and used by stakeholders to influence policy at corporate, federal and national level within government agencies, foundations, and other institutions which are responsible for formulating high-level policy decisions.

This research helps these organizations to ensure that their policies meet the needs of a complex society in an ever changing world.

Current projects which are under development include:

Welsh Assembly - Tuition Fees Following an interesting article by Gareth Evans @ WalesOnline.co.uk we have decided to expose both the stupidity and inequity of the policy of the Welsh Assembly to fund tuition fees for their students studying anywhere in the UK. We are currently building a multi-lingual site to actively encourage any EU student studying anywhere in the UK to apply for funding from the Welsh Assembly. After taking advice, we believe that under EU law, it will be impossible for these applications to be rejected since the Welsh Assembly is obliged to treat students from EU countries no less favourably than their own (Welsh domiciled) students

Gifted & Talented – Still in the field of Education, a study is in progress to look at the provision for Gifted & Talented students in the UK. We expect to publish further details in the near future.

* Contact us by email at: enquiries@PolicyStudies.org.uk