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The Pathway to Improvement

Policy - A set of rules to guide decision making which are implemented as a protocol


Strategy - The intelligent allocation of resources to a set of activities with the objective of achieving a specific goal.


Tactics - The individual steps which must be undertaken in order to accomplish the strategic objective

The role of Policy

Thank you for visiting the Policy Studies website! Our reports are not published on this site. Some are confidential, and all are copywrite and contain proprietary work product.

The site tells you a little about who we are and what we do, and signposts stakeholders with pathways of the work we are currently undertaking and how you may be able to participate and/or gain access to our results.

Unlike many think-tanks, we do not lobby, nor do we undertake paid consultancy as this could undermine our ability to remain independent and impartial.

We hope that by gaining an understanding of the issues facing society and seeking unconventional solutions, we can inspire others to take part in making our world a better place.


The reports on our latest projects in the UK are available to key stakeholders. If you have a specific interest please contact us for access

Suggest a Project

We are happy to consider any project where organisational change could deliver public interest improvements. Please contact us here