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The Pathway to Improvement

Policy - A set of rules to guide decision making which are implemented as a protocol


Strategy - The intelligent allocation of resources to a set of activities with the objective of achieving a specific goal.


Tactics - The individual steps which must be undertaken in order to accomplish the strategic objective

The role of Policy

Policy Studies is an independent collective of like minded professionals with backgrounds in business; commerce; healthcare and academia.

Research Fellows are free top investigate areas of particular interest to them and can draw upon the experience and expertise of their colleagues in formulating their report and developing conclusions.

 We hold no political allegiance and our objective is to assist those who are often too close to the problem to identify the solution.

Our reports are distributed to key stakeholders and used to influence the decision making process when setting strategy.  Most importantly they are intended to be working documents to allow an organisation or an industry to work along the pathway from where they are, to where they want to be. Some of our reports are syndicated in Trade journals or National media.

If you are interested in our work and would like to know more about how you could become involved, please email using the contact form.