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      Working  4  Change

The Pathway to Improvement

Policy - A set of rules to guide decision making which are implemented as a protocol


Strategy - The intelligent allocation of resources to a set of activities with the objective of achieving a specific goal.


Tactics - The individual steps which must be undertaken in order to accomplish the strategic objective

The role of Policy

  • Opportunities in the UK NHS

This publication will look at the problems within the NHS from the perspective of those who work within it.  There is significant waste in the NHS and whilst resource is squandered, those who are on the front line lack the opportunities to develop and progress which could feed in to why so many are leaving the profession. Every year the shortage of Doctors and Nurses becomes more acute and whilst £Millions are spent each week on "agency staff", Trust Managers need a holistic plan to tackle the problems.

This report is due to publish in the second half of 2022


  • Heading to Net Zero

This report addresses the environmental impact of various human activities and looks at both the climactic and economic impact of intervention to amend that activity. Drawing on the unique experience of the global shutdown due to the pandemic, it considers the consequences of changing direction to make our planet healthier.  NZ767243214_324324B


  • Fire Safety in High Rise Residential 

Although this investigation first commenced in 2017 (before Grenfell) we have decided it would be inappropriate to continue with it at this time due to the various judicial enquiries which are ongoing into this precise issue.