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      Working  4  Change

The Pathway to Improvement

Policy - A set of rules to guide decision making which are implemented as a protocol


Strategy - The intelligent allocation of resources to a set of activities with the objective of achieving a specific goal.


Tactics - The individual steps which must be undertaken in order to accomplish the strategic objective

The role of Policy

We work on a variety of projects but they all involve these key areas:

  • Systems Analysis

All projects commence with the identification of a problem. Often it is a problem which is not perceived from the perspective of management but easily apparent to others. We work using a series of surveys and interview techniques to triangulate the issues from a variety of positions. By analysing the existing system and its performance against the ideal, we can begin to identify ways in which performance improvements could be delivered through change.

  • Data Interpretation

Everything we do is data driven. No subjective opinions here! With scientific scrutiny of both the methodology and approach, we use data and statistical analysis to underpin our recommendations. We also run (free) workshops for managers on interpreting data as we find many of the problems we encounter are as a result of managers not being able to understand what the data is telling them and how to extrapolate from it.    

  • Implementing Change

Once we have identified insights, these are discussed with management to gain agreement of the core issues and their impact on the organisation. The pathway to change is developed jointly and we remain to assist and review progress for as long as necessary.